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The company was created in the year 2007, and from the start it took care of transport and repair of cars. However, in the year 2010, the company began to deal with recovery trucks and car transporters repairs.

At the later stage, thanks to the new technology and design which has been introduced by our company, we are now able to build completely new specialized and designed recovery bodies for roadside assistance transportation. As well as all transporter bodies that are capable of securely loading cars with a new design over wheel strapping system which makes sure there will be no damages to the wheels in the loading process, which are in high demand from dealers who are looking to transport these cars. With the help of this new equipment, we were able to obtain positive feedback from all clients. All of our recovery and car transporter bodies are made from lightweight aluminium materials which gives excellent payload and durability.

In our company, you will be able to find large selection of car transporters and recovery truck bodies for almost any chassis up to 7.5t. We also offer a large amount of accessories, these include: Winches, Wheel stoppers, blocked wheel skates, led rear lights, led markers, strobe roof bars, aluminium loading ramps, tool boxes, and much more.

Please visit our shop, where you will find all assortments which we have to offer